The Resort Pow-wow Girls

Margarita Karsani, 31, loves the beach and being photod

Netanya, Israel

Margarita, why The Resort?

The Resort makes me feel like I am in some kind of exotic place.

*Photography: Zadok Ovadia

*Photography: Zadok Ovadia

Natalie Swisa, 31, Model

Tel Aviv, Israel

Natalie, why The Resort?

In the Resort I felt at home, always when I want to have this type of feeling I will just… comeback.

Bar Ben Noon, 24, Model-Make up artist

Bnei-Ayish, Israel

Bar, why The Resort?

I like it, it's fun here, so peaceful.

*Photography: Nir Shavit,

*Photography: Nir Shavit,

Maya Amir, 25, Second year student for Marine studies

Ramat-Gan, Israel

Maya, why The Resort?

So come & chilled here.

Dana Kushnir,18, Musician

Nes-Ziona, Israel

Dana, why The Resort?

The Vibe, The Atmosphere , flowing place with flowing people.

*Photography: Nir Shavit,

*Photography: Nir Shavit,

Chen Hamami, 29

Hadera, Israel

Chen, why The Resort?

Because, this is what I call Vacation.

Almog, 23, Couples sex counselor

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Almog, why The Resort?

I like colorful places, The light vibe, unassuming, the freedom and feeling that everything is possible.

Rosi (the curly), 29, Stand-up comedian

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Rosi, why The Resort?

It connect me to myself, renew my energies.

*Photography: Yahav Trosman

*Photography: Nir Shavit,

May, 23, Bachelor student for marine studies

Ramat-Gan, Israel

May, why The Resort?

Pampering , but simple, and located in the best place on the whole world.

Jasmin, 26, Political Science student

Or-Akiva, Israel

Jasmin, why The Resort?

Makes me feel like I am in Mexico.

*Photography: Danny Rubin

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