The Beach

The Resort Hostel is located 5 minutes walk from the most beautiful beach in Israel: Mikhmoret Beach. A white sandy beach and crystal blue water with average temperature of 25°c (77°f) which makes the bathing very warm and pleasant. This strip of beach extends for about 5km (3 miles) and consists of 3 beaches: Nuweiba, Mikhmoret and Beit Yanai, each beach has it is own character.

Beit Yanai Beach Surfers' Mecca

Beit Yanai Beach is the leading beach for kite surfing on the Mediterranean Sea and attracts surfers from all over Israel.On an average day you can see dozens of parachutes in the air carrying surfers all around.

Besides being a surfers center the beach also has a reputation for being a pearl of beauty and hosts a beautiful crowd of young people who come to see and be seen.

Mikhmoret Public Beach

The nearest of all three, fully equipped beach which includes lifeguard posts, Sunbathing and sun umbrella rentals.Consists of one closed bay which is great for families and swimmers who look for a quiet, non-wavy sea. The local beach bar holds beach parties and reggae nights occasionally.

Nuweiba Beach Bay of Tranquility

The northern and the largest of the three. The beach is part of Hasharon state park and because it's an unproclaimed beach it tends to attract quiet-seeking visitors, naturalists and local students.

The beach is composed of 3 isolated bays which contain reefs with plenty of underwater life: crabs, starfish and variety of fish. Occasionally, visitors catch sight of the soft turtle, which comes ashore to lay its eggs.